Terms and Conditions

Terms and Condition

Conditions for renting a motorhome from Global Trip Consul LTD.

1. Reservation

You can make a reservation by e-mail or telephone, using the reservation system from our website, as follows:

– 30% deposit of the agreed amount is paid upon negotiation and reservation of the selected motorhome. Once the payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation that the motorhome is reserved for the dates you specify;

– up to 1 week or less before the start of the rental period – the remaining 70% of the rent for the agreed period of use of the motorhome need to be paid and a copy of the driver’s license and a copy of the ID card or international passport need to be submitted;


2. Guarantee deposit.

When rent the motorhome a GUARANTEE deposit needs to be paid:

  • Deposit RENAULT AHORN – 2 000 BGN
  • Deposit FIAT KNAUS – 2 000 BGN
  • Deposit FIAT RIMOR – 2 000 BGN

2.1 In case of refusal to use the service by the LESSEE who has paid the deposit, the following rules for its reimbursement shall apply:

2.1.1 If the cancellation is made within 30 (thirty) days before the date of delivery of the vehicle, the LESSOR shall refund to the LESSEE 100% of the amount paid;

2.1.2 If the cancellalation is made within 15 days (fifteen) days before the date of delivery of the vehicle, the LESSOR retains 50% of the amount paid.

2.1.3 If the cancellation is made less than 15 days (fifteen days) days before the date of delivery of the vehicle, the LESSOR retains 100% of the amount to be paid.

2.2 The deposit will be fully refundable upon returning, when:

2.2.1  there is no damage to the motorhome and equipment of the hotel part, as well as to the entire outer part of the motorhome;

2.2.2 the motorhome is returned at the appointed time and place, clean and charged, with a clean toilet cassette, available keys, without any shortages in kitchen and hotel furnishings, described in a two-sided protocol (inventory).


3. Payments:

The Lessor accepts the following forms of payments:

  • cash
  • Bank account- First Investment Bank- IBAN: BG37FINV91501017087237, Global Trip Consult



Drivers must be between the ages of 25-60 and have a driver’s license for at least 3 years category B. Any driver who is subject to medical or legal restrictions on driving must inform the Lessor in advance. The driver’s license and the driver’s coupon must be submitted for verification when the documents are being processed.


5. Keeping the luggage and the personal car:

We provide the LESSEE with free parking for the time he/she  is using the motorhome. The Lessor  is responsible for their integrity after signing a protocol.


6. Rental Period

You can get the motorhome between 8am and 5pm every business day from the base in Sofia.

The return of the motorhome shall take place no later than 5pm on the day the contract is concluded, with possible return later on prior arrangement between the parties but no later than 8pm!

IMPORTANT!!! There is no refundable amount for an earlier return of the motorhome.


7. Rent

7.1. The rental price includes:

– Full car insurance and auto-assistance for Europe

–  Third Party Liability Insurance

– Full fuel tank

– Full tank with clean water

– Clean toilet cassette

– A full bottle of propane gas

– Power of Attorney for driving the car in Bulgarian and English

– Bicycle stand – for 3 or 4 pcs. bicycles

– Kitchen equipment – plates, cups, forks, knives


7.2. The rental price does not include:

– Rent a bicycle – BGN 10 per day or not more than BGN 50 for the whole period;

– Camping table with four chairs – BGN 50 for the whole period;

– Bed linen for up to 4 people – 50 BGN for the whole period;

– Preparation fee (includes cleaning internal and external, creation of toilet cassette with preparation, provision of chemical tablets, bottle filled with propane gas, etc.) – 100 BGN.


8. Insurances

The LESSOR provides third party liability insurance and full car insurance. Personal possession is not covered by the insurance if it is left unattended.


9. Obligations of the Lessee

– To use the rented motorhome as expected;

– To take care of the car, keep the documents and keys of the car always with him/her;

– To complete an ongoing repair of the rented motorhome and to maintain its technical condition (for contracts concluded for period more than 14 days) and to assume all expenses related to its use. In the event of damage or suspicion of a damage of a rented motorhome during the period of validity of the contract, the LESSEE shall immediately notify the LESSOR and take all necessary measures to prevent or reduce the damages of the rented motorhome, the repair shall be complete by competent people and / or repairers after obligatory concordance of the LESSOR;

-In the event of an accident or damage, to call upon the Traffic Police authorities, regardless of the fault of the damage, to comply with all requirements regarding the preparation of protocols and other documents, and to take all necessary measures to prevent or reducing damage to the rented motorhome;

-To immediately notify the LESSOR in case of an accident, to report all the facts, circumstances and data related to the insured event, as well as to provide full assistance to the LESSOR and the Insurance Company, to which the provided motorhome is insured, in order to clarify the case;

-In the event of theft of the rented motorhome, to notify the LESSOR without delay, and the control card and the keys of the motorhome must be submitted by the LESSEE. Otherwise, the LESSEE is obliged to pay the entire insurance value of the rented motorhome, recorded in the Full Car Insurance policy of the rented motorhome, within 30 days (thirty calendar days), in which case the LESSOR reserves the right to bring to the LESSEE additional claims under this rental agreement for lost profits.

The LESSEE does not have the authorization to:

– To give to other people the driving of the rented motorhome, with the exception of the people authorized by the LESSOR, as well as to violate the state borders, the Civil Code, the Civil Law Act, the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and the laws of the countries in which he/she resides.


10. Responsibilities, rights and obligations of the LESSOR

10.1 The LESSOR is liable for damages caused by the LESSEE or a third party as a result of a technical failure proven by an independent technical expertise;

10.2 The LESSOR is obliged to provide the motorhome to the LESSEE at the appointed day and time according to the rental contract, clean outside and inside, with a charged fuel tank, with a loaded drinking water tank, 1 or 2 charged gas bottles (depending on the duration of the rental period);

10.3 In the event of damage to the motorhome due to wearing out  during the rental period, the LESSEE is obliged to inform the LESSOR about the damage. If the damage can not be remedied within 24 hours and / or prevents the LESSOR from using the motorhome until the end of the rental period, the LESSOR undertakes to provide the LESSEE with a similar type of motorhome or when it is not possible to refund the LESSEE the amount, equal to the unexecuted rental period;

10.4 The LESSOR is not liable for consequences of non-compliance by the LESSEE with the Legislation and / or the Road Traffic Act of the country in which the LESSEE resides during the rental period;

10.5 The LESSOR is not responsible for the possession and transfer of prohibited substances, narcotics, weapons, ammunition, dangerous chemicals, works of art, without a document of ownership of the LESSEE that are in violation of the Legislation and / or the Law of the respective country, in which the LESSEE resides during the rental period;


11. Malfunctions, damages, accidents and repairs

In case of any faults or failures in the motorhome after the start date of the rental period, the LESSEE is obliged to inform the LESSOR by phone immediately.

11.1 THE LESSEE is responsible for all expenses incurred as a result of a violation of the Road Traffic Act.


11.2 In the event of an accident, the LESSEE is obliged to notify the Traffic Police of the country where the Traffic Accident has occurred and the LESSOR.


11.3 The LESSEE is obliged to request a document of the accident from the relevant authorities. Otherwise, after the return, all repair costs are at his expense. The LESSEE is obliged to check regularly the engine oil level, the tire pressure and all other fluids on the motorhome engine.



11.3.1 All malfunctions, breakings and repairs caused due to negligence and unconscientiously managing of the motorhome by the LESSEE are at his expense.


11.4 THE LESSEE will not get another vehicle if he has used the motorhome unconscientiously or he has caused a damage by negligence.

The driver is fully responsible for damage caused by alcohol and / or drug use, despite the fact that there is a document of an accident issued by the relevant authorities.

11.5 In the event of damage, breaking or accident caused by negligence from a Third Party (proven by a Traffic Police protocol) and not by the LESSEE, which prevents him from fully using the motorhome, it is necessary to immediately notify the LESSOR and take the following actions by the LESSEE:

– repair in the nearest service station. The service must be authorized and fully customized by issuing an accounting document for repairs;

– using of a Road Assistance;

In case that the LESSOR can’t provide another motorhome by the end of the rental period, he will refund to the LESSEE only the amount equal to the unused days. This will happen once the LESSOR receives the insurance for this accident.

11.6 All amounts under the previous item paid by the LESSEE are refunded by the LESSOR upon presentation of original invoices upon return.

11.6.1 Costs should not be refunded in case of repair, replacement, burst or explosion of a tire.

11.6.2 The LESSEE’s participation in any damage is up to the amount paid by him as a guarantee deposit.

11.7 The LESSOR is not responsible for the consequences of non-observance with the country’s Road Traffic Law.

11.8 The LESSOR is not responsible in circumstances which cause changes in the route / natural disasters, military actions, protests, strikes, etc. / that prevent the conduct of the trip.


12. Pets

The taking of pets is allowed only with the prior and explicit approval of the LESSOR. Please keep in mind that keeping a pet can lead to an increased need for repair and cleaning and thus additional costs that are at the expense of the LESSEE.


13. Cancellation of a reservation and penalties

The LESSEE reserves the right to cancel the reservation when:

driver’s license or ID card has expired or expires during the trip, no guarantee deposit has been provided.

In the event that the LESSEE terminates the trip at his/her desire, he / she is not entitled to claim refund.


14. Taking and return

The motorhome is rented by the LESSOR to the LESSEE with a reception protocol in a excellent technical condition, cleaned from the inside and from the outside, as well as with the mandatory equipment required by the traffic police authorities.



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