Your dream vacation with a motorhome

Nobody loves the stereotypes, but everyone dreams about the perfect vacation, which we all see on the TV. The journey with a motorhome is an opportunity to pass over the stereotypes and make your travel dream come true, just as you imagine it, namely:

  • Travel and stop wherever you want and where you can see the most beautiful landscape;
  • You feel the freedom in all aspects of the trip, there is no time to go and time to come back, it all depends on you;
  • You are the only tour operator on your own trip because the itinerary and the additional excursions are organized by you;
  • The needs of food and afternoon sleep are again your responsibility and you can do it nearby, even a step away from the most beautiful view;
  • You can combine several types of tourism without changing hotels, without hearing the noise of other rooms, without bustling of preparing the luggage, putting the luggage and taking it back and wasting time at the check-in in the hotels;
  • You meet people like you, who knows what it is to “crave” your vacation;
  • You do not need unnecessary labels and DO NOT DISTURB signs because traveling with a motorhome is the way you make it.
  • The motorhome is a loaded minibus, machine, that requires maintenance, so always check the liquids, such as oil, antifreeze, hydraulic fluid, wiper fluid, so that you do not get unpleasantly surprised on the road just before the expected wheel adventure;
  • Always have a full tank of fuel because you never know when you will get off the road to the next place to look at; Always have a reservoir filled with clean water, because it is always nice and relaxing when you can take a hot shower, while stopped at a parking lot; Do not forget to empty the dirty water tank, where to run the water from the already taken hot shower ; The toilet cassette should always be clean if you are camping and also charged with chemical liquid; If you are on a long adventure, propane gas bottles should be filled and well attached with the belts to the designated positions; also check the bicycle stand if you are using it, it should be well fastened; arrange well the products in the refrigerator to avoid expendable noise and disturb your peaceful journey; the utensils should also be well arranged so to not create noise and to prevent breaking;
  • Before leaving, always check that all windows and hatches are tightly closed, all cabinets and doors inside and outside the motorhome should be also closed and locked before departure; Never set off with an open ladder to the door leading to the motorhome, the risk of breaking it’s really big and the damage is expensive; do not leave gas stoves without control, especially when they are turned on and have children around them; save the lights, if you do not have an additional solar power supply for the internal battery or you are not plugged into an electric mains, if you are camping, on a stop or simply at home.

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